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Established since 1973

Atoom Bulan is the main brand of PT. Kuala Pangan

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Mie Telor Asli Cap Atoom Bulan

Welcome to the world of true delicacy with Mie Telor Asli Cap Atoom Bulan, the pride of PT Kuala Pangan since 1973! We started our journey of Mie Telor in Indonesia, delivering stunning and authentic flavors that are unparalleled. In every strand of noodles there is a softness and pleasure that washes away your tongue, taking you on a matchless taste adventure.

Mie Telor Asli Spesial Cap Atoom Bulan

Unshakable since 1973, Mie Telor Asli Special Cap Atoom Bulan is the jewel of PT Kuala Pangan that started the era of Mie Telor in Indonesia. Unmatched deliciousness, this product has become the top choice in homes, luxury hotels, to prestigious restaurants throughout Indonesia. Today, our delicacies have spread to international markets, captivating both Asia and Europe.

Super Bihun Super Bihun Kuah | Super Bihun Goreng | Super Bihun Rasa Bakso Sapi

Welcome a new era of instant delicacy with Super Bihun, the leading innovation from PT Kuala Pangan since 1974. As the pioneer of the first instant vermicelli in Indonesia, we bring delicious sensations that creep from every bite. Consisting of 3 evocative variants, which are Super Bihun Kuah, Super Bihun Goreng, and Super Bihun Kuah Rasa Bakso Sap, each choice is an unforgettable taste adventure.

Bumbu Masak Cap Atoom Bulan

Since 1976, Bumbu Masak Cap Atoom Bulan has been your kitchen’s best friend in creating classy restaurant cuisine at home! Crafted with love and perfection, this versatile cooking spice is ready to bring unique flavors that are unparalleled in every dish. In every dish, there is a magic touch that makes it special. Made with love and care, our cooking spices are a blend of flavors that match the taste buds and desires of the Indonesian people.

About Us

As a company that has been experienced in the field of dry food production since 1973, we are proud to introduce Mie Telor Asli Cap Atoom Bulan as our first and flagship product. We continue to innovate and expand our product categories by offering Bumbu Masak Cap Atoom Bulan for food flavoring and Super Bihun for rice-based instant noodles.

With sustainability in innovation, we don’t just stop at our first product. We have also achieved GMP, HAACP and Halal Standard certifications as proof of our commitment in maintaining the quality and safety of our products. This is our concrete step to ensure that our products are not only delicious, but also safe for your whole family to enjoy.

We believe that quality is the foundation of all the products we produce. By prioritizing quality, we are committed to providing quality and best products for our loyal customers. Every step in our production process is closely monitored to ensure every product coming out of our factory meets high quality standards.

Not only focusing on the local market, we are also proud to have served the international market. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, both for local and international customers. We strive to continuously meet and exceed customer expectations, because for us, customers are valuable assets that we always take care of.

Our commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction continues to drive us to be better. We look to the future with gusto, ready to bring new products that are more exciting and delicious to all. We want to be part of your family’s happy moments and memories through the high quality products we produce.

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